CPS4EU Information Event

CPS4EU coordinator Philippe Gougeon (Valeo France) will present the key results of the EU funded project on 25 August 2022 in Topart Conference Balatonvilágos, Hungary

In recent years, Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) technologies have become a game changer in strategic sectors such as Automotive, Energy and Industry Automation, where Europe is a world leader. In fact, CPS is a key driver for the innovation capacity of European industries, large and small, generating economic growth and supporting meaningful jobs for citizens. CPS4EU aims to arm Europe with extensive value chain across key sectors by:

  1. Strengthening CPS Technology providers, mainly European SMEs, to increase their market share and their competitiveness to become world leaders
  2. Improve design efficiency and productivity and enable secure certification
  3. Enabling the creation of innovative European CPS products that will strengthen the leadership and competitiveness of Europe by both large groups and SMEs
  4. Large Dissemination of CPS technologies.

CPS4EU gathers major large companies (VALEO, THALES, TRUMPF, RTE, LEONARDO, and SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC), a large set of innovative SMEs and world-class research centres (CEA, INRIA, CNRS, VICOM, BME, UNISA, TUC, UNA, ITU) to significantly reduce the development time and certification efforts through pan European collaboration, knowledge exchange and access to the strong value chain in strategic markets.



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