Professor Guo Qi Zhang’s seminar on Global technology and industry landscape of semiconductors


Professor Guo Qi Zhang’s seminar on Global technology and industry landscape of semiconductors

Location: BME Building I, room IB023

Date and time: 29 September 2023, 2:00 PM

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Abstract: Semiconductor technology and industry have never been so important and widely recognized as they are today, driven by many vital societal needs, technology advances and geo-political changes. This talk will start from some economy facts to remind that the success of Moore’s law is really about economics, and it wasn’t about the technical hurdles and other augmentations. Secondly, several key technology development trends, enabling the ever-increased societal needs for digitalization, intelligence and sustainability, will be highlighted. Finally, some personal views on successful semiconductor technology and business development will be shared with stakeholders of semiconductor eco-system.

Bio: Dr. G.Q. Zhang is IEEE Fellow, Member of Dutch Academy of Technology and Innovation (AcTI), chair professor for “Micro/Nanoelectronics System Integration and Reliability” of Delft University of Technology (TUD). His research interests cover multi-level heterogeneous system integration and packaging; multi-physics and multiscale modelling and optimization; digital twin and designing for reliability; WBS sensors and components; SSL technology. He authored/co- authored more than 500 publications, and 11 of his former PhD graduates became professors/associated professors. Currently, he is secretary-general of IEEE International Technology Roadmap of Wide bandgap power semiconductors (ITRW), co-chair of advisor board of ISA and member of Engineering Education WG of CAETS.

He chaired the “More than Moore” team of European’s technology platform for micro/nanoelectronics (Eniac); served as co-chair of the academic council of Dutch national innovation program on “Micro/nanoelectronics and embedded system”, worked for NXP Semiconductors as Senior Director of Technology Strategy and Philips Research Fellow until May 2013.

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